• The factory started trial sugar production since March 27, 2017.
  • The factory while entering regular production crushes 6 thousand to 6 thousand 500 tons of sugar cane a day. When it operates with its full capacity it will crush 12 thousand tons of sugar cane a day.
  • When it starts working with its full gear it will have a capacity of producing 2.5 Million quintals of sugar and 28 Million litres of ethanol a year.
  • It will also produce 60 Mega Watts of electricity and sends 40 of it to the national power grid using only 20 megawatts to itself.
  • The source of this 6.67 Billion Birr sugar development project is the ¬†Chinese Development Bank. Its construction officially started in July, 2014 following an agreement signed between Sugar Corporation and the Chinese Company- Complant, constructor of the factory.