Sugar Corporation CEO`s Happy New Year Message

We now have reached 2013 Ethiopian New Year as time elapses. Ethiopian Sugar industry which has counted more than half a century since established has passed through many successes and challenges in the past 65 years.  And, today it has started its journey of bright hope to return the industry to its former glory.

In this aspect our corporation, crafting a reform plan and thereby be able continue the existence of the industry, has implemented it since July 2019 so as to realize the success of the sector in the near future.

It is not exaggerated if we say that the reform just began has shown the up-coming better time for sugar that could maintain its track record saving the sector from failure. We are able to confirm this by our achievement in 2019/20.

As the result we have achieved around 320 thousand tons of sugar as well as over 14,200 cubic meter ethanol by the concluded year. When we compared the amount of sugar production of the year with the last two years production, it is very high especially as unseasonal rain, security problems and COVID – 19 pandemic were serious obstacles of the year.  Similarly, it is observed that this year’s ethanol production has surpassed the last four consecutive year’s.

Not only this, the efforts we made to raise the competence of the labor force, improve implementation, increase production and productivity, decrease expenditures, increase income, create the spirit of competitiveness, bring about technology transfer, completion of overhauling in time to enable the factories start as scheduled are accompanied by several achievements.

Moreover, as we enriched our capacity of problem solving we are now able to mend boiler retubing, evaporator plant, isolation valve and other maintenance works in a minimum cost and a very short period of time. These performances are manifestations of successes in our plans to fulfill our goals.

In this aspect going to strengthening and continuing the result we have registered, we are now executing priority tasks so as to produce 473,248.7 tons of sugar and 19,683.48 cubic meter ethanol in 2020/21 fiscal year.

On this occasion I would like to say CONGRATULATIONS on behalf of the Corporation and myself to you all sugar development sector leaders, workers, labor union as well as Corporation`s board of directors and stake holders who have thoroughly assisted the Corporation start-up achievements.

Finally, expressing my strong belief on performing the change we just have begun in a smart way, we will achieve a better result and hence make a magnificent history.

I wish you all peacehealth, prosperity in the Ethiopian New Year.

Sweet Ethiopian New Year!

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